Today proves how much work there is that still needs to be done for All people to be accepted. Today proves just how much we all need to stand up against prejudice, discrimination, homophobia and unfairness. Today shows how we need to stand together to open peoples eyes, broaden horizons and work for tolerance and respect.

Today, we need to remember that it is 2016 and still, today, the LGBTQ+ movement is needed because today 50 people have been killed just because they were at a club celebrating equality in a world where having a certain sexuality is still offensive to some people. There were people there, people seeking out a place to call 'theirs', a place where they could be themselves in a world where they might not have been able to otherwise. There has been so many people affected by this horrible tragedy that targeted people who want nothing else than being given the right to love who you love. Nothing more and nothing less.

Still at this day, we need to remember that no matter how far we have come, there are still a lot to be done.

Still today, after everything that has happened through the years, we are no where near gun control in America. If it were different, so many of these people, these human beings, these men and women with families, friends, parents, children, girlfriends and wives and boyfriends and husband, could have still been alive today.

I am heartbroken for everyone affected by this utter tragedy, this horrible act of hatred. 

Despite all this, I try to remember that Love wins. Always.


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